Meet Claire-Anne

Claire-Anne Willemin Ceramic designer


 Stylist by training, I first evolve in the world of fashion. In 1990, a workshop with a ceramic artist revealed a future passion to me : modeling and turning the earth. I was immediately won over by the stoneware and porcelain, which became my new playground. The Gargantua brand, created in 2000, will distribute artisanal tableware on an industrial scale.

From fashion design to ceramics, my path is marked by the transformation of the material : I remember as a little girl cutting fabrics and imagining clothes or playing with clay to make pots.

Any material interests me, appeals to me, calls me ... and the pleasure is always there when I touch a silk, a velvet or a damp earth. The sense of touch accompanies me daily. The attraction of earth has never left me.

My preference goes to white, fine and resistant porcelain. As for the shapes, I like them "natural, informal, all in spontaneous curves". They remind me of nature, its free beauty and the grace of its features.

 "To invent", "to transform", "to modify", "to create" are words which resonate in me and which carried me towards ceramics as the essential expression of myself.

My many travels in Asia have made me aware of the delicacy of informal and irregular ceramics, considered rare pieces and not mistakes. Morocco enchanted me with its art, its repetitive patterns and its oriental soul.

Today, each of my pieces is unique, inspired by my journey, and participates in the inner transformation of your spirit and your home.